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Nepal Health Conclave 2021

Nepal Health Conclave (NHC) is designed as an interactive event to bring together the most eminent minds among different stakeholders directly or indirectly associated with the health sector of Nepal, to discuss challenges faced, emerging opportunities, and the way forward for strengthening the health system of Nepal.

Why Register for NHC 2021?

Have you ever felt that your voice was not heard? Have you ever wished you could put forward your voice and aid in bringing change at the policy level? Of course, these types of thoughts might have crossed your mind once in a while. So to make your voice heard out loud, this will be the right platform where you can share ideas and insights among the health professionals, policymakers, bureaucrats, investigators and contribute together to make ‘Happier and healthier Nepal’.

We invite you to make connections that will foster deeper collaborations in the future. Health professionals across different levels will share their insights, and their recommendations will be discussed.

Our Sessions

SESSION I Health Literacy- Agenda for All

Health literacy initiatives can empower people to comprehend care services for a healthy life rationally, downgrade inequalities and assist in planning for future needs, and bridge the connection between cost and quality outcomes, including technology, quality, and research in medicine and public health.

SESSION II COVID-19 pandemic and SDGs

COVID-19 could be considered a transformative opportunity to strengthen our health system and build back better.

SESSION III Reconstructing Health Policy

Analyzing our health policies will help us understand how health policies must evolve to meet the needs of a changing public health demand.


SESSION IV The Role of Main Stream Media for Healthier Nepal

Media can help advocate policy change and increase public awareness at a population level.


Scrutinize and Identify

Scrutinize current health schemes,strategies and identify gaps between them.

Meet, Plan and Discuss

Meet, discuss, plan and sort out ways to overcome existing challenges of the health system in Nepal.

Increase Accountability

Increase stakeholders’ accountability to formulate and implement health policies that address needs and demand of the people.

Improve Health Literacy

Increased health literacy among people throughout the country.

Strengthen Role of Media

Strengthen role of media in addressing infodemics at the time of crisis such as COVID-19.

Shape Health Policies

Health policy recommendations that are robust and evidence based.

About Us

Nepal Health Conclave is the event organized by the youth forum of the nation which will aid on identifying gaps between the health plans/policies within national context and explore progress made so far. Alongside, a high – quality discourse and interaction would also shift the perspective of the common people, sensitize stakeholders and help us to attain the targets of the sustainable development goals.

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